BDDEC Inquiry Network

Inquiry Based Learning  – students actively involved in solving authentic (real-life) problems within the context of the curriculum and/or community – formulating questions, investigating to find answers, building new understandings, meanings and knowledge, and then communicating their learnings to others ; play-based at the Junior/Kindergarten level; powerful learning experiences engaging students deeply, increasing student critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, communication, independence, emotional intelligence/self-regulation, and problem solving skills. This is essential for students to take on the challenges and opportunities ahead. 

Land-Based Education

Paddling the Tsiigehnjik – This documentary follows the students, staff, and community members from Tsiigehtchic in the Northwest Territories as they complete the 2019 Chief Paul Niditchie School canoe trip. This annual trip takes Grade 6-9 students up the Tsiigehnjik (Arctic Red River) where they learn resilience, reclaim historical knowledge, practice the Gwich’ya Gwich’in language, and engage in land-based learning as they paddle approximately 100 kilometres back to the community.